Welcome to my Hot Wheels and Diecast Site! The objective here is to show my site for my reference as well as for others to enjoy and then to also provide a Hot Wheel's diecast reference on various aspects about Hot Wheels such as history, wheel variations, special editions, etc.... A lot of this is from my own research, while other info is compiled from various other sources into an all inclusive reference site. My collection is always growing. I do not try and collect one of everything, so my collection does not grow everyday or necessarily every week.  Just my Hot Wheels 1/64 scale number at only about 1,300. Since I collect other makes and size of both Ferrari's and Camaro's, they would probably add another 1,000+ cars to my entire collection. I believe in collecting what you like. Quality is always better than quantity. So go ahead and feel free to browse through the menu system above to see my database of current cars, pictures of some of my favorite Hot Wheels to some of the history of Hot Wheels and those who produce them and then some miscellaneous information about castings such as wheel types. If you have any ideas or questions for or about my site, please feel free to email me. Thanks and enjoy and come back again!

So what  do I collect, well....

Ferrari's (all castings), Camaro's (all castings), All Funny Cars, VW Bugs and Baja Bugs, Unimogs, Tow and Ramp trucks, Hiway Haulers, Hydroplanes, Heavy Weights (except for the s'cool bus), Gran Toros Ferrari cars and a few misc. others, select Redlines, and then a few other odds and ends (mostly older blackwall cars like the Bubble Gunner and Rock Buster). I also collect other diecast as well. I collect all Johnny Lightning Camaro's (have most of them nowadays so I started on the White Lightning's and am up to about a dozen of them), just about any good looking Ferrari castings such as PlayArt and ModelBox and Bang to name a few, and Jada Camaro's. Most of my collection is 1/64 scale, although I have a number of Ferrari's in 1/43 scale. The 1/43 scale was popular in Europe along with 1/50 scale.



I would like to really get my hands on the HW Convention Ferrari's! There were 2 different castings with one being the Ferrari 308 and the other a F40. If you by chance have anything that you can add, please get in touch with me and we can discuss trade or buy.

This site continually updates so keep your eyes peeled and bookmark this site!

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